About Me



My name is Maribel Monzón and I live in Madrid, Spain.


I always loved making dolls. I made them of cloth, clay, wood, cardboard…


After graduating in Fine Arts, I attended a post-graduate course in Industrial Design, with the intention of working by designing and making toys. But you never know where life is going to take, so I endend working in the videogame industry instead. And that was fine.


Until I met the 3D printers.


I build my own printer in 2014 and started designing ball jointed dolls, naming this new project “Flamenco Naranja”. Kalice was my first creation complete, and I’ve been drawing, modelling and printing my own dolls since then. I also cast all the pieces in resin, which gives me absolute control over the whole process of creating a doll.


I’m still discovering new techniques and learning from my mistakes, but meanwhile, I want to enjoy the process!